The AXOS 8 – EFT/Burst is a stand-alone 5kV EFT/Burst Generator with an integrated single phase coupling decoupling network (CDN) for EMC testing applications up to 16A. The AXOS 8- EFT/Burst can also be capable of performing 7kV Surge Combination Wave (1.2/50us & 8/20us), 7kV Ring Wave, 7kV Telecom Wave (10/700us), AC/DC Voltage Dips & Interrupts and Pulsed Magnetic Field tests via software and/or hardware upgrades.The expandable functionality allows for quick and completely automated testing to the most common IEC, EN, ANSI, IEEE and UL standards. The AXOS unit can either be operated via front panel by large color graphic interface or remotely from the PC. The easy to use menu together with the availability of predefined test routines for different standards makes testing easy and reliable, even for less frequently users. Numerous additional functions such as external start/stop function allows easy integration of the test system also in customer specific test environments.

  • Easy to operate with manual and automated test modes, software assisted test preparation, pre-defined test routines and visual aided test setups
  • Economic and Efficient: Touch screen guarantees reduction of time and effort – Experience and know-how at a reasonable price
  • Multiple testing functions available in a single unit
  • Safe and reliable operation by using safety interlock, warning lamp and emergency stop functions
  • Voltage and current monitoring of surge impulses and EUT power provides valuable feedback to the test engineer
  • Automatic generation of test report, including test parameters, test setup and test result

specialist in the fabrication of electrical apparatus, bushings, and capacitors in insulation technology and high-voltage testing equipment

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