Simple Precise Quality Report
Modular Reporting Software

SPQReport is a modular reporting software

It arises from the need to speed up the production time of measurement reports following the acquisition of data in the field. The software allows you to generate complete documents, in editable .docx format, or in the definitive non-editable .pdf format.
Data entry occurs in an intuitive, automatic and guided way.
All the values ​​measured and loaded into the software are automatically compared with the limit values ​​established by current regulations and their relative exceedances or compliance are verified.
The templates, on which the software writes the processed data, are customizable and adaptable to your own graphic style.
It is possible to install and use SPQReport on a PC, laptop or tablet with a Windows environment. SPQReport can easily be used as a complementary utility to tools that acquire values ​​directly during field measurement.


SPQReport is the most advanced modular reporting software on the market.
We explain why:

Friest Srl

Wisebit Software

T&T System

  • Electromagnetic fields

  • Artificial Optical Radiation
  • Noise (coming soon)

Forms |
General Features
  • Entry of general data relating to the measurement carried out: Place; Date; Client

  • Entering company data

  • Creation of the job description

  • List of measurement points

  • Insertion of detailed characteristics of each measurement point

  • Insertion of planimetry with precise placement of measurement points

Software |
General Features
  • Insertion of your own tool park

  • Instrument calibration deadline reminder

  • Using and sharing a project across multiple devices

Software |
Detailed Features
  • Personalized description of the measurement position

  • Choice of measurement method

  • Choice of the regulatory limit with which to compare the data entered

  • Automatic insertion of measurement files

  • Automatic calculation of exceeding or complying with limits

  • Automatic chart generation

  • Insertion of pictures

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