• Wavelength range 350 nm to 1000 nm
  • Measurement in Radiance (basic configuration) and Irradiance mode (diffusor required)
  • Radiometric software JETI LiVal included
  • Start of measurement with external trigger signal
  • Highly sensitive
  • Internal target spot laser
  • Mechanical shutter for dark signal compensation
  • Automatic measurement in selectable time intervals
    USB powered – mobile



specbos 1211-2 is a miniaturized and fast broadband spectroradiometer covering the wavelength range from 350 … 1000 nm (the special version specbos 1211-UV-2 extends the range in UV down to 230 nm). It can be used for various applications both in lab as well as in production and can measure in Radiance mode based on its NIST traceable calibration.

To extend the device to Irradiance mode, please order the standard diffuser for specbbos.

On special request it is possible to calibrate specbos 1211-2 in Radiant Intensity mode.

specbos 1211-2 is also available in the following special versions:

  • scb 1211-UV-2 (extends the range in UV down to 230 nm)
  • scb1211-focus-2 (Wide range spectroradiometer for small objects, with add-on
  • scb 1211-LAN-2 (LAN interface in addition to the USB interface)
  • scb 1211-BT-2  (Bluetooth)
  • scb 1211-RS-2 (RS 232 interface)

The company was founded in January 1998 by three former Zeiss coworkers with the aim to develop, produce and sell spectroscopic equipment under the slogan “Economic and easy to use “. It has currently 14 employees. The main fields of activity are optics, electronics, mechanics and software development. So JETI can offer measuring systems developed “under one roof “.

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