Measurement instruments and services

For over 20 years we have been distributors of precision electronic instruments dedicated to specific physical risks such as:
Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), Artificial (ROA) and Natural Optical Radiation, Microclimate and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
We offer our customers a support measurement service, including the drafting of technical documentation, specific training on the use of the instrumentation and the interpretation of the standards. Our goal is to improve the quality of companies, the reliability of their products and, consequently, their visibility and performance in national and international markets.

Supported measurement service for the assessment of risks deriving from physical agents
Noise, Vibrations, Electromagnetic Fields, Artificial Optical Radiation, Microclimate


Electronic instrumentation for precision measurements:
Physical Agents; Electromagnetic compatibility; Microclimate and Weather.


Specific technical training.
Measurement methods
Use of instrumentation.
Regulatory consultancy; Machinery Directive;
Annex V Legislative Decree 81/08.

Our Products


Modular Automatic Reporting Software.
User guide in the management of acquired data and in the automatic generation of technical measurement reports.
Custom output templates
Optimization of working time on each document

EMF – Electromagnetic fields
Precision tools for
measurement of electromagnetic fields (EMF)
in the workplace and in the environment.
Compliant with new regulatory standards.

EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility
Measuring instruments for conducted and radiated emissions and for conducted and radiated immunity. Receivers, ESD guns and compact multifunction generators

Optical Instrumentation
Precision instruments for measuring and assessing risk arising from
Artificial Optical Radiation (ROA).
Spectroradiometers, Pyranometers
and broadband radiometers.

Microclimate and Weather Stations
Measuring instruments for indoor and outdoor thermal comfort, calculation of microclimatic indices for constrained and moderate environments.
Professional systems and instruments for the measurement of synoptic meteorological variables also compliant with World Meteorological Organization WMO.